Where to Post Your Erotic Stories

erotic stories

If you love reading erotic stories, you should take risks to be successful. You can post your short stories on Wattpad and other erotic fiction websites, or you can create your own author website and use your pen name to write erotic stories. Regardless of where you post your stories, it’s important to keep in mind that content is often the most important aspect of erotic fiction. While plot, character development, and romance may be important, they aren’t the main focus.

Author-organized challenges for erotica writers

If you’re an erotica writer, you should join the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (ERWA). Founded in 1996, the ERWA features original sex fiction, publishing tips, sex toy recommendations, and a discussion board for erotica enthusiasts. Note that the ERWA requires adult users to enter. Please note that erotica is a mature-reader-only genre, and if you’re underage, you may not enter the site.

Genres of erotica fiction

Genres of erotica fiction are not limited to women or men. A sex novel can be any genre that contains scenes of physical intimacy. The genre is so wide-ranging, that authors with limited experience may find themselves lost in its sea of possibilities. Readers of this genre desire big stories with big characters, sub-plots, and sexual undertones. While the resistance to erotica fiction is waning, publishers and e-book distributors may be reluctant to review such a work. Even though the reluctance to read e-books in general is still strong, erotica writers can expect favorable reviews.

Whether written in the form of prose or poetry, erotica aims to arouse the reader and make them want to experience the sensations that these characters describe. While this genre traditionally focuses on the sexual relationship between two main characters, modern erotica pushes the boundaries and features multiple partners in kinky situations. Erotic literature can also be very graphic, so caution is advised when reading erotic fiction.

Erotic romance, as a subgenre of romance, tries to distinguish itself from pornography. By claiming to be romantic, erotic romance often fails to provide an explanation of the distinction between sex and love. Erotic romance is a hybrid genre that focuses on exposing the problematic equation between heroism and pleasure. Moreover, it often includes subplots involving sexual intercourse.

In the recent past, bestselling erotic novels have surged, with the popularity of “50 Shades of Grey” series proving to be a perfect example. As a result of this growth, a study was conducted on why readers read erotic novels. It found that most readers of erotic novels are heterosexual, committed women, educated, and from a variety of backgrounds. Many also enjoy discussing their reading experiences with their friends. The prime rewards of erotic novels were distraction and a sense of ease.

Plot, character development, romance are not primary

The popularity of erotic romance has come from a plethora of reasons. The most popular is that it uses graphic sex, which is very common in today’s novels. Many readers are attracted to a story where the hero turns into a playfully horny lover in bed. Others prefer to see the heroine’s soft side, even if she’s previously been hard-core. The main focus of porn is sexual gratification, and the character development and plot are secondary.

Another drawback is the lack of a strong plot or character development. While some authors choose to omit explicit sex scenes in order to avoid the “gender-bending” stigma, erotic romance stories aren’t necessarily free of them. In fact, sex scenes should be an important part of the plot, as they serve as a gateway to the story.

Sites with erotica fiction

Whether you are looking for a little sex or you just want to have some alone time, erotica fiction can help you enjoy the sensation. Erotic fiction sites have many genres to choose from, and they cater to a wide variety of interests. BDSM kinks and LGBTQIA+ kinks are well-represented, as are sex fetishes.

If you’re a fan of steamy erotica, you’ll love Aurore. Divided into four categories: kink, vanilla, and queer, Aurore has dozens of sexy stories available to read. Though it caters to the LGBTQ+ community, there are stories for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. For some people, erotica fiction isn’t for them.

For audio erotica, there are several sites to visit. One of the most popular is Literotica, which was founded in 1998 and features a large library of erotic fiction. This site also hosts audiobooks and has a large community. You can also check out the erotica section of the Archive of Our Own (AOOD) to read more stories. A great place to start is a site like this if you’re looking for a free way to get a dose of erotic fiction.

Another good site to browse for erotica fiction is Nifty.com, which hosts over 300,000 stories written by people with diverse backgrounds. The site has many categories and a large database of erotica fiction. It’s also free and NSFW, but keep in mind that this site may not be suitable for your children. It’s worth checking out though, especially if you’re a mature reader.