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Uncut Cock Worship

Gay Cumshot Big Dick Blow Job

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Dom Daddy Blow Job

Daddy wants Calvin on his knees ready to suck his thick uncut cock. Daddy grabs Calvin by the head and begins to fuck his mouth making Calvin gag. Slapping Calvin in the face before pushing his cock deep down his throat. Calvin takes a rough beating before submitting to daddy fully. Calvin then begs for a big load for all of his hard work.

Twink Big Dick Blow Job

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Big Black Cock Worship

Calvin is on his knees and is eager to service your large man meat. With no hesitation he grabs your cock and begins his routine. Sucking your balls, as you moan. Licking your shaft, and spitting all over it. Gagging on your cock, as you fuck his throat. Calvin takes his time making sure you feel your best before feeding him a big load.

Cumshot Big Dick Blow Job

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Max Konnor Ass Destroyer

Max Konnor is sexy, chiseled, and hung. After inviting Calvin over to meet, he strips down letting his 10" cock hang about, ready for Calvin to arrive. Calvin is surprised and drops down to start worshiping the amazing dick in front of him. Max moans as he feels a wet tongue sliding up his shaft. He wants more so gets Calvin on all fours to admire his cute bubble butt. As Max licks, slaps, and nibbles Cal's ass, he hears him whimpering in pleasure begging for Max to dominate his hole. He teases Calvin with his cock, opening him up before plunging in deep. Calvin moans, screams, shakes, and cums hard as Max gives him inch after inch. Max in full control takes pounds away until he blows a full load of cum all over Calvin's hot boy hole.

Cumshot Bareback Big Dick Daddy

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Dom & Cal Round 2

After the first meeting Calvin was eager to get Dominic's cock again. Dom begins fucking his throat and enjoying his hot mouth. Calvin gets on top and starts sliding his ass down on Dom's dick. While he grabs Calvin's 9" cock pulling him down while pounding into his tight hole. Calvin then bends over allowing himself to take cock on all fours. Then rides Dom's daddy dick again until he blows a big load while Dom is inside of him.

Gay Twink Cumshot Bareback Daddy

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Bossy Bottom - Calvin Collins

When Calvin was asked to film a custom video for a fan. He replied, "Sure, but you have to do everything I do in the video." After agreeing to Calvin's demands the fan is instructed on what to do with a penis replica of Calvin's cock.

Jockstrap Cumshot Ass Play Big Dick

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Dominic Ford Meets Calvin Collins

Fucking twinks has got to be Dominic's favorite thing to do. He comes in passionately kissing Calvin before sliding his cock in his mouth. Calvin begins show off his skiils and things get heated as the two enjoy each other. Dominic grabs Calvin's slim waist while pounding into his tight hole. Climbing on top Calvin rides rides dick until he shoots a thick load all over Dom's hairy chest. Calvin then quickly starts pumping Dom's dick until he gets the big load he was begging for.

Gay Twink Cumshot Bareback Calvin Collins Daddy

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Introducing: James Jacobs

James Jacobs is a young cam model who recently decided he'd like to be on film. After telling us a little about himself he decides to show us what he is all about. He strips off his shirt, plays with his bulge and teases us lightly before pulling out his nice dick. James strokes his cock for us, pulls on his full sack, and shoots a hot load. Welcome to 'The Collection' James Jacobs.

Twink Cumshot Jock Solo Big Dick

Featuring: James Jacobs

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JT Taylor Breeding Calvin

Calvin is such an insatiable bottom, with a big appetite to satisfy. JT arrives ready to feed Calvin craving for cock. JT begins licking Calvin's hot ass, until it's wet and ready to be filled with cock. This hot duo gets things heated as they fuck hard. JT blows a nice load into Calvin's ass but is still horny for more. Another round of rimming and sucking gets him ready for round 2. Finally, Calvin lets out a delightful moan as he cums all over his abs while JT gives him another creamy load in his ass.

Gay Cumshot Jock Bareback Breeding Big Dick Creampie

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Bruce & Calvin Bareback Sex

Sitting in his room, Calvin waits for Bruce to walk through the door at any moment. Wearing nothing except for a jockstrap, Calvin is ass up exposing my slutty, boyhole. Excitement building as Calvin sucks on Bruce's cock. Lost in the moment, the two begin to 69. Bruce then begins to slide his cock into Calvin's ass. Calvin moans and whimpers while getting fucked. Bruce pounds away at Calvin's tiny ass and soon fills him with a hot load.

Gay Bareback Breeding Interracial Creampie

Featuring: Bruce Johnson , Calvin Collins

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JD Daniels Raw Fucks Calvin

Cruising online for cock Calvin invites JD over for some raw fun. Calvin quickly drops down to suck JDs monster cock. Sucking and spitting all over it before offering up his hot ass. JD shoves his big dick in deep hearing Calvin moan with every inch. The two fuck hard until they are sweaty and Calvin begs JD to breed his gaping hole.

Gay Jockstrap Cumshot Bareback Breeding Big Dick

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Raw Sex with Alex Meyer

Calvin invites Alex over for some hot boy fun. The two quickly start kissing, rubbing one another, and sucking each others dick. Alex is eager to get his big cock inside of Calvins bubble butt. Soon Calvin is riding his big cock taking every inch of it. Calvin will do anything to get a milky load up his ass. Flipping around in different positions the two fuck until they both shoot their loads. Calvins across his abs and Alex deep in Calvins ass.

Gay Twink Jockstrap Bareback Breeding Calvin Collins Big Dick Interracial Creampie

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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The Archer Croft Experience

Meeting Archer Croft was an amazing experience. Long hair, lot's of tattoos and a pierced cock he is such a hottie. He admits that he had been looking forward to fucking me and couldn't wait to get his hands on my ass. His tongue felt amazing as he licked my hole, getting it nice and wet for his cock. Before letting him pound me I suck his dick. Spitting all over it, careful not to choke on his PA piercing. I am finally ready to have it inside of my ass. I bend over and expose my hole to him and he begins to work his cock inside. Once he has my hole opened up he begins to fuck me doggy style and then flips me over on my back. I soon feel that I am going to cum and strokes my cock forcing me to moan out and shoot my load across my abs. Begins to lick it up eating all of my cum, and then fucks my ass until he starts to cum. He pulls out and shoots all over my hole. Eats his own cum out of my ass and then kisses me.

Gay Jockstrap Cumshot Jock Bareback Breeding Big Dick

Featuring: Archer Croft , Calvin Collins

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Aaron Trainer Breeds Me

Calvin Collins and Aaron Trainer meet for the first time. Once both of their clothes are off, Calvin is quick to worship Aaron's hot muscular body. Kissing from his lips down his chest and past his abs, Calvin begins servicing Aaron's huge cock. Aaron moves to Cal's ass and rims him to return the favor. Aaron licks and plays with Calvin's ass and teases his hole before stuffing him full of cock. Aaron then puts Calvin on his back and fucks him deep until he cannot hold back and sprays cum all over himself. Calvin then begs Aaron to fuck him until he breeds his hot little hole.

Gay Bareback Breeding Big Dick Muscle Creampie

Featuring: Aaron Trainer , Calvin Collins

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Meet Jason Parker

Meet Jason Parker a handsome young man with a burning desire to do porn. When asked why he replied that the thought of being watched by others turns him on. Like a true exhibitionist as soon as the camera was rolling Jason had his cock out and ready for action. Stroking his thick 7" member he then fucks my throat until his cock is dripping with my spit. He returns the favor by rimming my sweet hole. After tongue fucking me for some time he finally slides into my ass to fuck and breed my hole.

Gay Twink Jockstrap Bareback Breeding Interracial

Featuring: Calvin Collins , Jason Parker

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After meeting Bruce last week Calvin wants more. He is eagerly waiting on all fours for Bruce to join him in bed. Bruce gets things started by diving face first in Calvin's sweet round butt. Once his ass is wet and ready he slides in giving Calvin just what he wanted. Pounding, moaning and intense passion these two go at it. Ending with Calvin shooting his hot load all over Bruce.

Gay Jockstrap Cumshot Bareback Breeding Big Dick Interracial

Featuring: Bruce Johnson , Calvin Collins

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Bruce Fucks Calvin

Bruce Johnson fucks me like no other being can. Seeing my slim toned body wearing a jockstrap is such a turn on, and it makes such easy access for dominant stud Bruce. He grabs my ass when he wants it. Rams his tongue deep so that I can feel it slide up my and tickle my hole. Then shoves his big cock deep inside stretching my tight ass wide open. The sounds he makes when I am making his cock happy drives me wild.

Gay Jockstrap Ass Play Bareback Breeding Big Dick Interracial

Featuring: Bruce Johnson , Calvin Collins

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Fleshlight FTW

After a boring day I had to find a way to turn it all around. Lucky for me my Fleshlight is always there to save the day. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is because I can see right through them. Which allows me to ogle my own cock as it's throbbing in and out of it. I am turned on so much more when I can see my cock swell until it explodes. I'm sure you can enjoy it for the same reasons.

Twink Cumshot Toys Undies Jock Fleshlight

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Merry Dickmas

Looking over all my XXX-Mas presents that Dirty Santa has sent to me. I have been eyeing them under the tree and can't wait to get my hands on them. Today I decided no harm could come from opening one small gift. Inside the box I discover a typical gag gift a 9" dildo shoved into the box. After laughing off the surprise. I decide to have some fun with it the toy. Sucking it, spitting on it and then I begin pushing it deep into my boyhole.

Gay Twink Cumshot Dildo Jock Ass Play Solo

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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A Boy and his Toy

I have a special friend who surprises me one morning with a fun new sex toy... a female torso, from twat to tits. Well, not many horny guys (even gay ones) would pass up the opportunity to sink his hard dick into a willing hole even if it is just a toy.

Gay Twink Cumshot Toys Jock

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Feeling MySelf

After taking a hot shower I am feeling very relaxed. I decided to have a nice stroke to push me over the edge. Before I get a chance to turn on any porn, I find myself staring into the mirror. Loving on my body, appreciating every inch of my big cock. Turning around and playing with my smooth ass. I soon find it hard to walk away and decide not to stop until I shoot my cum all over myself.

Twink Cumshot Jock

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Bubble Butt, Bubble Bath

There is nothing like relaxing in a hot bubble bath after a long. After getting in the tub I start pulling on my cock and rubbing my hole. I slip a few anal beads in my ass and before I know it I'm rock hard. I began stroking my cock faster and faster until I shoot a big load across my soaking wet abs.

Gay Twink Cumshot Toys Jock Ass Play Anal Beads

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Today I went out to find a new toy and I came home with a butt plug. Well not just any butt plug... this is a prostate massaging plug. The odd shape made it a little difficult to slip into my hole but once I got it inside I loved the feeling. As my hole was plugged, I decided to pump my cock with my fleshlight. This combination of ass and cock play sent me over the edge with an amazing orgasm.

Gay Twink Cumshot Toys Jock Ass Play Solo Fleshlight

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Soaps & Strokes

Naked in the shower, I soap down this skinny and smooth ebony body of mine, before giving my big cock some attention. First enjoy a good look at this fine little butt, before I get busy jerking myself off. With hot water cascading off my toned body, I finally reach climax and spills a big cum load onto the shower floor.

Gay Twink Shower Cumshot Jock

Featuring: Calvin Collins

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Fleshlight Fun

After filming with Citiboyz I recieved an awesome treat my very own Fleshlight! I was very excited to get home and try it out. Watch as I lube up and slide inside of this amazing toy. There will definitely be more to cum. It was so fun pumping my cock in and out of it. Feeling it grip my cock and being in control of it all.

Gay Cumshot Toys Jock Fleshlight

Featuring: Calvin Collins