Shower with Calvin

Water running down my chest. Soap lathered up around my cock. The shampoo suds cascading the curves of my ass. While the steam in the bath room gets thicker and thicker. My cock throbbing begging for attention as twitching for some fun everything time I touch it. Would you shower with me?

Number of pictures: 26

Introducing: James Jacobs

James Jacobs is a young cam model who recently decided he'd like to be on film. After telling us a little about himself he decides to show us what he is all about. He strips off his shirt, plays with his bulge and teases us lightly before pulling out his nice dick. James strokes his cock for us, pulls on his full sack, and shoots a hot load. Welcome to 'The Collection' James Jacobs.

Number of pictures: 28

Sexy Selfies

Laying in bed with my dick as hard as a rock. Naked with my ass up in there air hungry for cock. Snapping sexy selfies of myself with no one around to help me cum. What’s a boy to do?

Number of pictures: 15

Picture Perfect

Always naked standing around taking pictures today. Playing with new lights and different angles. You know what they say practice makes perfect.

Number of pictures: 16

Tub Time

Spending so much time at home has Calvin spending more time enjoying his tub time.

Number of pictures: 19

JT Taylor Breeding Calvin

Calvin is such an insatiable bottom, with a big appetite to satisfy. JT arrives ready to feed Calvin craving for cock. JT begins licking Calvin's hot ass, until it's wet and ready to be filled with cock. This hot duo gets things heated as they fuck hard. JT blows a nice load into Calvin's ass but is still horny for more. Another round of rimming and sucking gets him ready for round 2. Finally, Calvin lets out a delightful moan as he cums all over his abs while JT gives him another creamy load in

Number of pictures: 22

Bruce & Calvin Bareback Sex

Sitting in his room, Calvin waits for Bruce to walk through the door at any moment. Wearing nothing except for a jockstrap, Calvin is ass up exposing my slutty, boyhole. Excitement building as Calvin sucks on Bruce's cock. Lost in the moment, the two begin to 69. Bruce then begins to slide his cock into Calvin's ass. Calvin moans and whimpers while getting fucked. Bruce pounds away at Calvin's tiny ass and soon fills him with a hot load.

Number of pictures: 20

JD Daniels Raw Fucks Calvin

Cruising online for cock Calvin invites JD over for some raw fun. Calvin quickly drops down to suck JDs monster cock. Sucking and spitting all over it before offering up his hot ass. JD shoves his big dick in deep hearing Calvin moan with every inch. The two fuck hard until they are sweaty and Calvin begs JD to breed his gaping hole.

Number of pictures: 18

Raw Sex With Alex Meyer

Calvin invites Alex over for some hot boy fun. The two quickly start kissing, rubbing one another, and sucking each others dick. Alex is eager to get his big cock inside of Calvin's bubble butt. Soon Calvin is riding his big cock taking every inch of it. Calvin will do anything to get a milky load up his ass. Flipping around in different positions the two fuck until they both shoot their loads. Calvin's across his abs and Alex deep in Calvin's ass.

Number of pictures: 19

The Archer Croft Experience

Meeting Archer Croft was an amazing experience. Long hair, lot's of tattoos and a pierced cock he is such a hottie. He admits that he had been looking forward to fucking me and couldn't wait to get his hands on my ass. His tongue felt amazing as he licked my hole, getting it nice and wet for his cock. Before letting him pound me I suck his dick. Spitting all over it, careful not to gag on his PA piercing. I am finally ready to have it inside of my ass. I bend over and expose my hole to him and h

Number of pictures: 31

Jason Parker Does Porn

Meet Jason Parker a handsome young man with a burning desire to do porn. When asked why he replied that the thought of being watched by others turns him on. Like a true exhibitionist as soon as the camera was rolling Jason had his cock out and ready for action. Stroking his thick 7" member he then fucks my throat until his cock is dripping with my spit. He returns the favor by rimming my sweet hole. After tongue fucking me for some time he finally slides into my ass to fuck and breed my hole.

Number of pictures: 19


This year I attended the AVN EXPO. I was hosted by ManyVids, a model platform that I use to sell clips and videos of myself. I had a blast hanging out and being around other models. It was truly an amazing experience. I look forward to attending next year!!!

Number of pictures: 5

A Hole New Jockstrap

After receiving a new jockstrap, I wanted so badly to show it off. I love wearing jocks because I feel like my ass looks so hot in it.

Number of pictures: 15

Fleshlight FTW

You will love these photos from my video Fleshlight FTW.

Number of pictures: 15

Naughty Or Nice

After all the hard work of getting the tree decorated I decided that I deserved a selfie or two with it. Of course what good is a photo session with out showing of my little boy butt and big black cock.

Number of pictures: 13


In a public restroom with my nice 9 inch cut cock and I love showing it. In a stall jerking on my cock while also playing with my ass.

Number of pictures: 14

Tightey Whitey

There is nothing more sexy than I hot pair of white briefs. See my slim, toned body in a pair.

Number of pictures: 11

Fierce and Fiesty

This new jockstrap is a pleasure seeking missile pointed toward a fun time. It’s no shock that I find my way in front of the camera, sharing my ass. Fierce and feisty, I know these will make a top flip.

Number of pictures: 15

Show Off

Putting on a show for the camera once again. Giving you a taste of my sexy ebony body.

Number of pictures: 15

Bubble Bath

There is nothing like relaxing in a hot bubble bath after a long day. After getting in the tub I start pulling on my cock and rubbing my hole. I slip a few anal beads in my ass and before I know it I'm rock hard. I began stroking my cock faster and faster until I shoot a big load across my soaking wet abs.

Number of pictures: 15

Creamy Load

Today we are feeling so horny. The struggle is real for a young boy that is sexually horned up all the time. I couldn't to be home alone to jerk my big smooth cock.

Number of pictures: 15

Arizona Trip

A trip to the beautiful state of Arizona. View some of the amazing scenery in Arizona, mountains, cactus and more.

Number of pictures: 18

Sandy Cheeks

Another fun trip to the beach. Getting a nice tan as I play in the sand. Running around showing off my slim little butt.

Number of pictures: 15

Hot Shower

Here is a shower video of me getting wet and soapy. As I get all cleaned up I decided to get dirty and show off my cock and ass.

Number of pictures: 15

Poolside Play

Enjoying another beautiful day in the sunshine state. Where I love you lay out naked by the pool. I also love jerking my cock outside as well. At first I was a bit creeped out someone would catch me but that didn't stop me from blowing my load.

Number of pictures: 14

Black & White Break

I love playing with photo filters. Check out this hot photo set of me in black and white.

Number of pictures: 15

Hot Jock

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. That's what exactly what you are getting in this photo set. Hot jockstrap, showing off my ass and sweet hole.

Number of pictures: 15

Beach Day

Black and White photo session of my beach day. Not overly erotic but still very fun.

Number of pictures: 11

That Thong

Laid back on the sofa enjoying the day. Shaking my smooth ass, and rubbing my bulge.

Number of pictures: 15

Jackin Jock

I am sexually horned up all the time. Today, I walked right in, sat down onto the sofa and start rubbing his chest and removing his shirt, all horned up and ready to show off this long hard cock.

Number of pictures: 15

Photo Fun

Twinks love my cock, Daddies love my ass. Here is a photo session of me playing with both.

Number of pictures: 15

Beach Boy

Today I went to my first nude beach. I had so much fun I wish I could be there all the time. I enjoyed being fully with every one checking out my smooth body walking along the beach.

Number of pictures: 15

Fun In The Sun

You will love these stills from my video Fun in the Sun.

Number of pictures: 15

Park Play

Parks are great places. Perfect for checking out hot guys and hooking up in public. I enjoyed being out there so much, I got horned up and pulled out my cock.

Number of pictures: 14

Cock Tease

Being a new comer to filming porn I find that I love it. The photos are my favorite part, I get to tease, and play for the camera.

Number of pictures: 15

Flower Power

Having fun with flowers. Being very cute and playful serving lots of smiles.

Number of pictures: 10

New Undies

Today we have a new pair of undies. Every twink knows that when you buy new undies you have to take new pics. I couldn't wait to get home and show off my cute little ass.

Number of pictures: 15