About Me

Meet Calvin Hung

There are a lot of male adult performers out there, and let’s face it, chances are you don’t know more than a handful of their names. I am Calvin Hung, and I guarantee that you will never forget mine. I love performing for the camera and giving my fans an up-close and personal look at what I have to offer. If you are on my website, it is probably because just a small taste is nowhere near enough to satisfy your delicious desires for superior dong. Check out my website, I have wallpapers, videos, podcasts, and much more for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Things To Know About Calvin Hung

Calvin was not always the hunk you see on the screen. He grew up rail-thin and more than a little bit awkward. One thing is for sure, his size was always impressive and he had the bone structure that was worth waiting for. Tired of getting picked on he decided to hit the gym and get ripped. Not long after his success in the dating pool exploded. Most of his lovers either loved or loathed his size, stamina, and prowess between the sheets. Soon he found himself modeling online semi-nude and nude with great results.

One of his fans suggested that he dip his toes in the adult erotic industry and this his career as a well-hung Casanova was borne. His early scenes focused a lot on romantic storylines, generous amounts of body shots, and of course, plenty of A-grade blow jobs. With a long, thick dong, it is easy to understand how he got the stage name, Calvin Hung. He really is hung like a horse to the delight and detriment of his on-screen partners. With so many inches to spare watching Calving hit it doggy style is an adventure all unto itself.

His stamina is one of the most notable features aside from his obvious length and girth. Calvin has scenes in a wide range of orgy films, tag-team films, and cum-shot compilations. If you are looking for the ultimate in cowboy dick-downs, look no further than a title from the Calvin Hung collection.

Calvin Hung After Hours

Calvin is really good in bed, but he has much more to offer than just a good dicking down. When he is not on screen you can usually find him working out or hitting the slopes with his buddies. He also has a dog that he spends a lot of his spare time with. Calvin is very active on social media and on the party circuit. He can be found on Snapchat, Instagram, and on Twitter.

A Note from Calvin Hung

Hey, sexy, I am pumped that you took the time to visit my site. I am always here to offer you a fair amount of eye candy, or even a good pounding on screen if that’s what you are in the mood for. Take a look around and be sure to drop me a line with your feedback or if you need help with anything on the site.

XOXO, Calvin.